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Carnival Volume One | Miniature Scene Full Set | STL Miniatures

Carnival Volume One | Miniature Scene Full Set | STL Miniatures

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Get this awesome 3D printed resin miniature set!

Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder, or your favorite tabletop roleplaying game!

Made to order only!

Our miniatures are only printed when they are ordered and we do not keep a stock on hand. As such, please note that our processing time for resin prints is between 2 and 8 weeks.

Need it quick? Let us know that you would like to request a rush by contacting us, providing us a date by which you need to receive the item, and we will do our best to get it to you by then! Please allow for a processing time of 3-5 days for a rush and note that shipping could take 3 or more days. Please plan accordingly when making a rush request!

This listing includes the FULL SET of character mini(s) and scatter! When purchasing the full set, you will receive the following:

  • Three (3) Performer NPCs
  • One (1) Carnival Cannon
  • One (1) Cart
  • One (1) Food Cart
  • One (1) Ticket Booth

This is a made-to-order 3D-printed item! It is printed after payment has been received. Printing and handling for the item could take up to 30 business days. Please contact us if you need the print shipped sooner. We cannot guarantee a quicker processing time, but we can adjust our queue to better meet the needs of our buyers.

Bases are guaranteed to be supplied when the creator designed a base for the mini or if the buyer selects an option to include one of the modeler’s versions of the mini’s sculpted base. Bases are not guaranteed if the designer of the mini did not make a base for it. If we have extra simple bases at the time your order is printed and the figure does not already come with a base, we will throw one in as a freebie! Check our other listings for cool sculpted bases and basing bits to order one separately!

Printed using high-quality 8K space gray or aqua-gray resin at .01 to .02 layer height for maximum detail and fewer visible layer lines.

Supports will be removed to the best of our abilities, but the item will otherwise be unsanded, unassembled, unprimed, and unpainted. Please understand that, as with every resin print, the support removal process may leave some light scratches, dimples, or bumps on the surface. These can be removed by the buyer with fine-grain sandpaper (best when wet sanding) and primer. If flashing remains on the print, some light sanding or gentle tweezing will typically be enough to remove it without damaging the mini.


  • Prints will not be assembled prior to shipping! This is to better protect the mini during shipping and to allow buyers an easier time painting the mini. Miniatures may come in multiple parts that need to be glued together upon arrival (including gluing the miniature to the base). Super glue of any kind works well! If you will be painting the miniature, we recommend gluing the mini together after it is painted and fully dried.
  • Painting services are not available for this print! We encourage buyers to paint the minis when they arrive! The mini will not be primed or painted before shipping.
  • The scale is not the same as the size of the miniature! The relative scale of miniatures is a modeling calibration that compares the size of the model to the size of a “real life” object, person, or monster, measuring front the eye level to the ground. Since TTRPGs typically include fantastical species with no real-world equivalent, the scale is mostly left up to the modeler’s artistic choice. Generally speaking, however, a 28mm scale dragon is massive when compared to a 28mm scale goblin! Still, a 28-millimeter scale miniature from one creator may not match the same size as a 28-mm scale mini made by another creator. If you require a specific height or width for your project or event, contact us! Most miniatures can scale easily up or down, and we are happy to work with you to try and make sure you get the mini you need!

Orders will be printed in the order they are received. We sometimes have minis in stock and can ship quickly, but a quick ship is not guaranteed. We ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If a rush is needed, we can ship an order on a different day, except on Sundays.

If any items break in shipping to the point that they are unfixable or if the buyer finds any printing errors that we may have missed prior to shipping, please contact us and include pictures of the damage! We gladly provide one (1) free replacement of an irreparably damaged mini.

Please contact us at any time to ask about production times, shipping times, printing errors/issues, custom orders, or anything else! We love hearing from our buyers and greatly value any correspondence or feedback! We also appreciate having the opportunity to answer questions, meet the needs of our buyers, and correct any unfixable issues a buyer may find with the prints!

Note: Most images shown in our listings are 3D renders of the model and are not indicative of the final coloration, lighting, or quality of the final print.

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Name of model designer: STL Miniatures
Designer website:
Tattles Told is licensed to sell models from STL Miniatures. If you are interested in their work or want to buy their STL files yourself please look them up at


Tattles Told is a licensed merchant for the artist/studio who created the 3D model in this listing and is authorized to sell physical 3D prints of all the models listed in this shop. The physically printed models are handmade by Tattles Told using either high-quality resin or PLA filament using 3D printers. Each model is produced on a made-to-order basis. If you like the model, please support the artist who designed it! Also, please support the artist by only purchasing from merchants who are licensed to sell their creations. Happy Gaming!


Elegoo 8K Space Gray Resin

Phrozen 8K Aqua Gray Resin

Sunlu ABS-Like Navy Gray Resin

Gray/Navy Gray/White PLA Filament

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