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Tattles Told 3D

Angelic Staff Topper | TTRPG LARP Gaming Prop | Puzzles & Props

Angelic Staff Topper | TTRPG LARP Gaming Prop | Puzzles & Props

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Get this awesome prop to enhance your D&D, Pathfinder, or other TTRPG game!

Printed using PLA filament.

Each model is printed to order, meaning the processing time may vary. If there are any expected delays, we will let you know!

Parts may need to be sanded or trimmed slightly so they fit together snugly.

As this is a 3D-printed item, some visible layer lines may exist. To remove them, you will have to sand and prime the model. Item comes raw, unprimed, and unpainted. Always prime before painting!

Please note that the pictures shown in the listing are renders and are not indicative of the final appearance of the model. Feel free to use the images shown as a guide for how to paint the model!


Name of model: Angelic Staff
Name of model designer: Puzzles & Props/The Printing Goes Ever On
Designer website: and

Tattles Told is licensed to sell these specific models from the Puzzles & Props Kickstarter and MyMiniFactory FronTier. If you are interested in their work or want to buy their STL files please look them up at If you enjoy their work, please consider supporting these talented creators and designers!

Note: Images shown in listings are 3D renders of the model and are not indicative of the final appearance of the print. Please be aware that the form will be the same, but the color will almost certainly be different when the item arrives at your door!


Tattles Told is a licensed merchant for the artist/studio who created the 3D model in this listing and is authorized to sell physical 3D prints of all the models listed in this shop. The physically printed models are handmade by Tattles Told using either high-quality resin or PLA filament using 3D printers. Each model is produced on a made-to-order basis. If you like the model, please support the artist who designed the model! Also, please only support the artist by only purchasing from merchants who are licensed to sell the models. Happy Gaming!

Materials: PLA


Elegoo 8K Space Gray Resin

Phrozen 8K Aqua Gray Resin

Sunlu ABS-Like Navy Gray Resin

Gray/Navy Gray/White PLA Filament

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